New Surgical Binocular Loupes - Brilliance 48
New Surgical Binocular Loupes - Brilliance 48

Surgical Binocular Loupes - Brilliance 48

Why do we need to use loupes?

1. Improve Vision
Wearing loupes improves clarity, focus, and visibility. 
Even if the condition is missed by the naked eye, dentists can enhance their vision through the loupes to detect and identify the condition earlier than before.
2. Reduce visual fatigue
When the eyes are overused, visual fatigue, sore eyes and headaches often occur. In the field of dentistry, dentists need to concentrate on observing the small details on the teeth for a long time, and the loupes can magnify the details, reduce eye fatigue and relieve eye muscle tension. For maximum eye comfort, many dental loupes are equipped with lights that can illuminate the mouth.
3. Improve posture and reduce shoulder, neck and back pain
According to research reports, 80% of dentists experience neck pain within 12 months. Without loupes, dentists often lean towards patients or sit in positions that bring them closer to patients because it is difficult to see the patient's mouth, resulting in an unnatural twisting of the trunk of the body. Prolonged bad posture can cause cervical spine, injuries to the back, shoulders, and severe cases can cause worn or torn intervertebral discs. Dentists who use loupes tend to have a more upright surgical posture, which puts less pressure on the cervical spine, and a closer view of the patient's mouth increases patient and dentist comfort.
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